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Glass Shower Doors are the easiest way to upgrade your bathroom for an elegant, luxurious, and contemporary look. They are perfect for showcasing your tile design and making your bathrooms feel larger and more open. US GLASS is one of the most reputable companies offering high-quality glass that fits your custom-design.

US Glass is more than just Frameless Glass Showers; we specialize in all glass and mirror services including Frameless Glass and Sliding Glass Walls, Storefront Glass, Frameless Glass Fences, Glass Railings, Glass Wall Partition and more.

We have been working with contractors, engineers, architects, interior designers, remodelers and homeowners on large and small projects all over New Jersey and New York


US Glass Shower Door has recently announced a partnership with Sky Bathroom Remodeling and Baw Frameless Glass Shower Doors to expand its services. By joining forces, these two reputable companies will be able to provide a wider range of high-quality glass shower door solutions to customers. With US Glass Shower Door’s extensive expertise in custom glass shower enclosures and  Baw Frameless Glass Shower Doors’ cutting-edge designs and installation techniques, the partnership is set to provide customers with top-notch service, products, and installation. Together, they will continue to elevate the standard for glass shower doors in the industry and provide clients with exceptional service and support throughout the process.

Shower doors, however, have no metal frames. So there are fewer areas for dirt, germs, and bacteria to build up. This improves both the safety and the look of your bathroom. Your bathroom will look and smell cleaner and safer.

Another benefit of Glass Shower doors is that they are easier to keep clean than traditional framed shower doors. They are mostly made of strong, tempered safety glass that can easily be swiped with a sponge or cloth. And because there are no corners, are no metal frames, pockets or tracks to get grimy or to attract dirt. Shower doors installed by Temperglass have an attractive, contemporary look that offers clean lines and uninterrupted beauty.

What’s the process for getting a new Frameless Shower Door with US Glass Shower Door?


Once you have decided you’d like to learn more about Frameless Glass Shower Doors or any of the other glass services we offer, we will go through a simple but comprehensive process to deliver the best of your dreams and keep you apprised every step of the way:

  • Consultation and Measurements: A US GLASS sales consultant will meet with you to discuss your ideas, see the space, and show you a range of options to decide what best suits your needs.  They can consult on trends, costs, and pros and cons of all options.
  • Review and Approve Estimate: You’ll receive a comprehensive estimate detailing costs, timelines, hardware, and all specifications for your project.  Take some time to review the quote and discuss any questions with your consultant.
  • Manufacturing: We’ll schedule an appointment for your installation and begin fabricating, polishing and tempering your custom glass, and order all your hardware and accessories (2-3 business days)
  • Installation: We’ll schedule a time with you, after all of your tile work is completed, for installation. This step can usually be done in as little as one day!  Our team will inspect and clean everything before we depart.  Then you get to take your first shower in the bathroom of your dreams! (usually less than 1 day for Frameless Shower Doors)


Please select the shower door type styles that best fits your bathroom layout.
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  • Glass Thickness: When comparing quotes, check the thickness of the glass they are offering. 3/8″ glass and 1/2″ glass are common sizes and serve different purposes. Half-inch glass may be used when there is a glass-to-glass panel required on your shower.  Or, you may choose it for its sturdiness or aesthetics.

3/8” (10mm) thick glass is the smallest thickness that can be used in frameless glass shows to assure sound, quality construction.  It’s also more budget friend than half-inch glass.

Premium ½” (12mm) glass offers the greatest structural integrity and durability.  Being the same kind of glass that’s used for storefronts, it not only looks more impressive but also has a more substantial feel.

  • Glass Type and Treatment Options: Most older Frameless Glass Shower Doors used a standard “Clear Glass”, which naturally has some iron in it, giving it a greenish tint.  However, now we offer an option called Low Iron Extra Clear Glass which allows for a completely invisible, airy feel and lets the colors of your bathroom and tile stand out. We also offer a treatment option called ClearShield which makes your shower stain resistant and easier to clean (and even comes with a 10-year warranty).

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