Base Shoe Glass Railing

The base railing is one of the more open, full view options available when it comes to railing systems. The lines are continuous, and the views are completely unobstructed. Metal is used along the bottom of the railing. Although unnecessary, a slender metal railing cap can be added to the top of the railing. However, for a continuous look, the glass panels can act as the system’s handrail—there’s no need to add a wooden or metal handrail.

Our Shoe-mount Glass systems are a cantilevered guardrail, where the glass is held exclusively in the base or “Shoe”. The top rail and posts are eliminated, providing a full view. Here are a few details about this system:

  • Glass is secured in a continuous, full-length solid aluminum base (shoe)
  • The shoe is available in a wide variety of colors and textures
  • 1/2″ clear tempered or tempered-laminated glass with flat-polished edges and dubbed square corners. Other glass colors and patterns are available.
  • All mechanical attachments are made with high-quality stainless steel hardware—all of which is concealed from view
  • We produce a higher quality product by fabricating your guardrails in a controlled shop environment, to the exact dimensions and requirements of your project. This can’t be achieved by onsite fabrication—as others do.