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We Offer a Wide Range of Beautiful Custom Frameless Glass Shower Doors Enclosures.

Frameless glass shower doors are the standard in luxury bathrooms


Over the last few years, it has become increasingly obvious what the newest trend in shower doors has become. There is one item that stands out from all others, Frameless Glass Shower Doors. These types of enclosures have been replacing older styled sliding doors, corner showers and other walk-in designed showers.

For more than 20 years US Glass Shower Door is following these upgrades in frameless glass shower doors, offering single shower doors, sliding doors, neo-angle glass shower doors, 90-degree-shower doors, fixed glass shower doors and more.

Frameless glass shower doors are the standard in luxury bathrooms. Because of their sleek, clean design and heavy, tempered Glass Frameless Shower Doors are the primary choice when builders, architects, and designers are formulating layouts in bathrooms.

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Why Choose Frameless Glass Shower Door


Frameless Glass Shower Doors are the easiest way to upgrade your bathroom for an elegant, luxurious, and contemporary look. Learn the differences in cost, function, and appearance, our designers will help you to find exactly what will fit in your needs.

Frameless glass shower door provides a wider range of styles, sizes and design options than their framed counterparts. There’s also the opportunity to open your frameless shower door either in or out, which is a departure from the limitations of framed shower doors. Also, the lack of a frame makes cleaning a frameless shower door far easier.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of frameless shower doors is the way they look and influence the feel of your bathroom. These doors make bathrooms feel more spacious and airy, and they also place a greater emphasis on other design choices you’ve made such as tile.


Type of Glass Shower Doors for Your Bathroom


We provide a variety of shower doors and glass shower enclosures, from frameless shower doors to sliding shower doors that will beautifully and quickly upgrade the look and function of your bath space.
One amazing thing about it is that you only need a squeegee. You don’t scrub the glass.
You do a simple wipe and squeegee. Once it’s wiped, it’s crystal clear again.
US Glass Shower Door has experience repairing and installing dozens of types of glass showers
including some of these most popular options:


Fixed Glass Shower Pan

Why bother with the hassle of a door? Sometimes all you need is a single panel to enhance and beautify your bathroom. This panel will not only
enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom, but it will also be functional and will allow easy access to the shower. This type of glass helps to contain water but does not swing or slide open. You simply walk around it to get in and out.
This is most common in walk-in shower stalls, which are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of shower stall options.


Single door

A single frameless shower door is just that, a single door. The most common are wall-mounted hinge doors. Once we determine your measurement, we can propose the best layout for your opening. We cut your glass to your opening size so it was meant to be there.


90-Degree Shower 

The 90-degree enclosure is a great way to enclosure your shower while preserving the open feel of the room. If your shower has a tub next to it, with custom glass options available, you can create a seat or shelf in your shower to add functionality. That is what makes these 90-degree shower doors so unique. It is just a glass wall and is required when there are only one or two existing bathroom walls contributing to your shower enclosure. Since at least four sides are needed to enclose your bathing space, two glass panels will be used to complete your shower structure. The possibility to play around with design and customize these units are really what makes these 90-degree shower doors stand out!


Neo Angle

The frameless neo angle complements an angled bathroom space. If your space-saving, corner shower needs that final touch, neon frameless shower doors will turn your bathroom into a show stopper brilliantly and instantly. This is not only for space-restricted areas, but their design is also as beautiful as it is convenient and easily makes these enclosures an attractive centerpiece to your room.


Custom Glass Shower Door

We can custom design your shower, from the most complex, multi-panel enclosure to the simplicity of a single door.
If you are looking to have a unique shower door created, a custom glass shower door is the ideal way to easily add elegance and functionality
to your bathroom, in an unlimited number of styles.


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