Glass Railing Post – Glass Railing with Clips

This system will also use 4’ panels between each pair of metal posts. The look is similar to other metal railings but these posts are made to fit glass clips rather than a rod and cable fixture.   Each post is pre-drilled to accommodate glass clips, but the clips are shipped unattached to their posts

The Glass clips and posts are manufactured with the same 2205 Duplex Marine grade stainless steel, Rubber is used inside each metal clip to firmly grip the glass from both sides. 

Different types of glass railing posts are used for different applications. Here are a few Examples:

  • Surface mount for flat surfaces,
  • Side mounts are used when attaching to the facia. These have 3 sub categories (slim side mount, bump outside mount, and normal side mount)
  • For uneven curved or any “non-Flat” surface a special application post or angled foot posts are used.
  • For barrier glass; shorter posts with no handrail bracket used.
  • When installing in cement or other potentially tricky surfaced core-drilled posts are secured.


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