Glass Shower Door Installation Services in Montclair NJ

US Glass shower Door has been bringing beautiful residential and commercial glass services to Montclair township in New Jersey for 20 years.  With its diverse population and grand old homes, Montclair Township and Essex County are the perfect backdrops for displaying US Glass Door’s endless possibilities of styles and products. 

When it is time to modernize your bathroom space, whether you are looking for any type of commercial or residential glass design or any other type of glasswork, US Glass Shower Doors can deliver the feeling of a resort right in your home.

You’ll never be disappointed with our frameless shower doors, glass mirrors, or any flat glass or laminated glass that we provide. US Glass Shower Door works with homeowners, builders, contractors, and architects to create an amazing bathroom experience. A custom glass enclosure can help show off details such as title and hardware creating a luxurious feel.

Customer service is our number one priority, and your satisfaction is our number one goal. What separates us from all of ours from competitors in the Montclair, NJ area is our relentless dedication to quality and competitive pricing.

We have been serving the Montclair client for more then 20 years, US Glass Shower Doors has been creating a wonderful experience, installing and repairing functional yet beautiful glass shower doors that transform a simple bathroom to luxury space. Call us now at 866 – 297-8965 to discuss how we can help make your dream bathroom or space a reality.

Why choose Glass Shower Doors?

You’ve seen them on all the home design and remodeling shows, and with good reason!  Glass Shower Doors are the easiest way to upgrade your bathroom for an elegant, luxurious, and contemporary look.  They are perfect for showcasing your tile design and making your bathrooms feel larger and more open. 

Type of Glass Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

We provide a variety of shower doors and glass shower enclosures, from frameless shower doors to sliding shower doors that will beautifully and quickly upgrade the look and function of your bath space. US Glass Shower Door has experience repairing and installing dozens of types of glass showers including some of these most popular options:

Fixed Glass Shower Panel

Why bother with the hassle of a door? Sometimes all you need is a single panel to enhance and beautify your bathroom. This panel will not only enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom, but it will also be functional and will allow easy access to the shower.

Frameless Neon Angle

The frameless neon angle complements an angled bathroom space. If your space-saving, corner shower needs that final touch, our neon frameless shower doors will turn your bathroom into a show stopper brilliantly and instantly.

90- Degree – Frameless Showers

A 90º Corner Shower return panel is really just a glass wall. It’s required when there are only one or two existing bathroom walls contributing to your shower enclosure. Since at least four sides are needed to enclose your bathing space, two glass panels will be used to complete your shower structure. These two glass panels would normally meet each other in a 90-degree angle. One of these panels will actually be in line with your shower door.

Custom Glass Shower Door

We can custom design your shower, from the most complex, multi-panel enclosure to the simplicity of a single door. If you are looking to have a unique shower door created, a custom glass shower door is the ideal way to easily add elegance and functionality to your bathroom, in an unlimited number of styles.

Single Shower Door

Regardless of the form, shape or size of your shower, it definitely has a door. That door could be a slider, standard or curtain glass shower door. We suggest, for aesthetic and safety reasons, that our clients choose a glass shower door. While not all showers are entirely encased in glass, it’s very easy to install a beautiful glass shower door on virtually any shower. 


Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Door

Sliding shower doors occupy less space than hinged doors. If space is precious in your bathroom, installing a sliding shower door can make it easier to enter and exit the shower than to open a hinged door. Because the door does not come in or out, you always know exactly how much space you have.

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