We supply and install large mirrors, custom-cut to fit on your walls. These mirrors can make your establishment more appealing to clients by enhancing the overall atmosphere and by being a tool for observing progress and improving skills.

At US Glass and Mirror, we want you to have the facts you need to select the product that is right for you; to facilitate this we provide a free on-site consultation and estimate with one of our knowledgeable glass and mirror experts. Call us today at 866 – 297- 8965 !

Wall Mirror

A Wall Mirror will enhance the look and feel of any room in your house.

Available in a limitless variety of shapes, styles and sizes; wall mirrors give an instant polish to your home’s decor at a relatively low cost. They illuminate dark corners, add elegance, and create drama in a space.

Wall Mirrors, when framed properly, can stand on their own as works of art, and are available in styles from contemporary to traditional.






Activity/ Gym Mirrors

Gym Mirrors – Large Mirrors for Your Home Gym – Dance Studio Mirrors – Mirrors for Your Business – fitness centers – Yoga studios – Pilates studios – Ballet studios – Dance studios – Martial arts studios – Spas – Gymnasium –

Let your stars see they shine with the Activity Mirror Kit for Gym and Dance. The kit is a low-cost solution for dance, martial arts, aerobics, and other instructors who want to create a professional working space for their students. It’s also great for homeowners and interior designers looking to add a small gymnasium or practice studio to a home.

Create Personal Home Gym/ Dance Studio

Although we all know it’s one of the best things that we can do for our health, creating a habit of physical exercise is notoriously difficult. On top of the physical discomfort from tearing up your muscles to let the strongest fibers survive, you have to motivate yourself to get up, get dressed, go out, and workout in front of a horde of strangers.

Even if you have the willpower to make it most days, all those extra steps are just more obstacles between you and better fitness. You can bypass those steps by turning a spare bedroom or unused space in your home into a personal gym or dance studio. Once you clear out the room and add any equipment that you want, you may notice that it doesn’t quite feel like a real workout studio. The reason is that most gymnasiums and dance studios have large dance …